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Door Dwellers Reviews

Roots Time
Musik An Sich - 19/20
Strutterzine magazine 8.7/10
Muziekwereld - 8/10
Keys And Chords - 4/5
Americana Media Productions - 3/5
Ung Tro - 3/5

If you know of an review that's not in the list, let me know and I'll post it.



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For information on upcoming gigs please go to my facebook page and join the party!

Soundstation Vinyl signing & release gig 2017 04 09
Bengans Vinyl signing & release gig 2017 03 25
Fredensborg Store Kro Gig 2017 03 17
Huset - Musikcaféen Warm up 2016 01 18
Copenhagen Songwriters Festival Festival 2015 08 14
Sorte Hest Festival 2015 06 12
Supernova Festival 2014 08 23
Barking dog Journey release party 2014 08 17



Door Dwellers - 2017
Journey - 2014
Escaping red - 2012
Escaping yellow - 2012
Escaping blue - 2012
Feathered - 2011
Forms and formations - 2011
One for the road - 2010
Ashes - 2009
Canvas - 2008
500 miles from home - 2007
Sad songs - 2005
Harbour man - 2005
Mountain of keys -2005

Locked - 2016
Journey not taken - 2014
Wearing a wire - 2013
Escaping black - 2013
Naked - 2012
Dissolved - 2011
Forrest session - 2010
Overgrown trails - 2010
Did not catch fire - 2009
Canvas unreleased - 2008
Bucket of paint - 2007
Home - 2007
Happy songs - 2005
Sunken treasure - 2005


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Got a band now, some awesome dudes named Jimmie Nolsøe on guitar and Kaare Græsbøll on keys. Come see us sometime, or book us for your venue, arena, stadium or small cafe, email address can be found at the bottom of the page.


I'm a guy from Sweden living in Denmark making music and other types of noise. Got a few bands and sideprojects and have made quite a few albums over the years. And for those of you interested here is a list of projects I'm involved with at the moment:

Erik Lundgren 2000-Present
Kebe music 2014-Present
Abetabeat 2010-Present
Druids 2015-Present
Rävsylt 1999-Present
Pojkar i brunt 2011-Present

And here's a list of projects on ice or bands dissolved or bands I no longer play with but used to be a part of:

Ballroom Bastards 2009-2014
Organet 2013
Knivfisk 2012-2013
Sink 2002-2005
Bulb pictured 2002-2003
Depleted 1999-2002
Klok 1997-1998
Flush 1995-1997
No name band 1992-1993


I also do work for hire, movie scores, jingles, game music and whatnot, for more about that click here or google kebemusic.
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